Just returned back from Cancun, MX. for vacation. Sad to leave the nice weather, but happy to be back home.

Did a small quality of life update to code blocks on the side today. Added line numbers to help with legibility. This site has zero JavaScript on it, so wanted to find a means of completing it with CSS alone. Fortunately, thanks to this Stack Overflow post I found a decently elegant solution.

pre {
  counter-reset: line;
  & span {
    &:before {
      content: counter(line);
      counter-increment: line;

Set a counter-reset on a CSS counter named line. Use a span:before for each line that increments the counter and set the value to the content field. I'm far from a CSS expert but this feels like a decently simple solution that's easy to grep.

A mug that says "Maximizing Shareholder Value" on it with the caption "Reporting for duty" above it.


Not much new to report. Been taking it relatively easy the last while. I joined Bluesky but haven't been very active on any of the socials.

Started learning some Swift and iOS programming the last little while. I've dabbled in the past but my interest had been piqued so I decided to dive in.

Finished Fallout and it is definitely the best video game to TV adaptation that's been made.

Garfield the cat with the caption: You are not immune to propaganda




Well, it's been a minute (or a month). I've been taking a bit of a software detox the last little bit. No tech social media (i.e. Mastodon, Twitter, etc.) and no coding in my free time. Just relaxation, reading, playing video games and spending time with my wife and animals.

I've been having a hard time with the tech world lately. I'm just generally disappointed and unhappy with the direction tech seems to be taking with AI, streaming services, etc. the enshittification is in full swing. I'm definitely starting to feel aspects of burn out and trying to focus my efforts on things that make me happy.

Fake Article headline reading Opinion: Here's Why It Would Be A Mistake To Do Anything That Inconveniences Rich Assholes by Some Rich Asshole




Finally feel like I'm recovering from whatever illness I started the year off with. Been wild how long this has lingered on for. Still don't feel 100% but definitely on the upswing.

Pulled the trigger on migrating my PC to an ITX case. Required a couple of upgrades which is fine as I am able to build my partner a PC from the remnents of my previous PC. Details of the build can be found on the uses section of the site.

Short update today. Not really much going on lately. Haven't had a ton of energy to do any coding outside of work. Lacking energy to play any games even.

Desktop PC and Valve Index on an Ikea storage unit





Managed to do some work on my PC and get it back up and running. 90% sure that the issue was some kind of short on the motherboard so I ended up grabbing a cheap replacement and swapping everything over. Now it's working better than before and I'm very pleased. Tweaked my fan curves for the first time as well and I never realized how quiet I can actually make my computer haha.

Had an exchanged Xmas gift arrive to this past week as well. New keyboard for using with my laptop NuPhy Air60 V2 which is pretty nice. I'm a big fan of the fact that it fits on top of the MacBook's existing keyboard.

Aside from that I'm finally feeling like I'm on the mend. But still have a lingering sore throat which is super irritating. Hoping that it passes sooner than later.




Still sick... but back to work and mostly business as usual aside from feeling awful and congested.

My PC decided to call it quits over the last couple of days. CPU seems to overheat almost immediately after booting up. Verified that my AIO is still working and even tried swapping in a different CPU (with the same result). Looks like this year may be the time for an upgrade. Definitely looking at an ITX build for my next station.


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New Year is off to a so-so start but new year; new me, amirite?

First day back to work was met with an macOS update that corrupted my JAMF installation and locked me out of my computer. After working with IT for a bit, determined that the easiest course of action was to just wipe the computer and reinstall macOS. That took up too much of my time but luckily seem to be back on track.

After a couple of days of dealing with that I came down with a pretty nasty cold/flu that has been wrecking havok on my throat and lungs. According to the tests, it doesn't seem to be COVID so that's a plus.



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